Asha Patel

Dr Asha Patel (founder of Innovating Minds) is a registered Clinical Psychologist and helping schools create whole school wellbeing culture. Her ethos is centred around bringing hope and ensuring people can access early help.

Sophie’s Stars is close to Dr Patel’s heart, and she is passionate about ensuring family and siblings are able to access the unique support they need. Her experience in supporting early access help will really help to drive support to those that need it.

Emma Murphy

Hi I’m Emma, a mother to two young kids with a job in marketing and an obsession for all things sporty. My innate drive comes from my sporting background which I always try to replicate in family life and my career.

Being a close friend to Leanne and seeing what she and her family went through, made me realise even more how vitally important it is to have the support and help available to families during a very difficult time in their life. It is an honour to be a part of Sophie’s Stars and knowing the difference it could make to others.

Richard Allam

Richard is an Accountant with many years experience in industry and financial services. He also served on the management committee of a local MIND body for a number of years.

He is very aware of the importance of support networks in helping families to cope with illness and bereavement and his experience will help to ensure that as Sophie’s Stars grows it manages its financial and other responsibilities appropriately.